Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County, NJ

Run a Computer Drive

Running a computer drive for the Boys & Girls Club is a rewarding community service for your school, company, organization, or faith group. A computer drive is a focused effort that encourages individuals to donate computer equipment that they no longer need or use.

Club teens and volunteer mentors will recondition donated computer equipment and offer it for resale at modest prices at the Computer Exchange. 

What are the benefits of holding a Computer Drive?
1. Positive recognition for your organization.
2. Donor satisfaction that used computer equipment is put to good use.
3. Creative support of recycling and environmental stewardship.
4. Freeing space in your storage areas.
5. Eligibility for tax deductions.
6. Offers the public a low-cost means of acquiring a computer.
7. Helps raise funds to sustain Boys & Girls Club programs for teens.

Here are the recommended steps for organizing a Computer Drive.
1. Obtain approval from your organization's leadership.
2. Designate a Computer Drive Coordinator.
3. Work with the Computer Exchange Drive Coordinator to begin planning your drive. The Boys & Girls Club will provide sample flyers to edit and Computer Donation Forms.
4. Publicize the event to your target audience.
5. Manage the Computer Drive on the day(s) of collection.

Questions You Will Need To Answer:
1. When? This will depend on your organization and target audience. For some groups, a single or half-day weekend event works well. For others, a week-long computer drive will be more effective.
2. Where? The best sites are centrally-located, easily-identifiable, and convenient for both donors and volunteers. While empty lots can work well, a nearby building is advisable (for the facilities and in case of inclement weather). A covered walkway also works well in the event of rain.
3. What materials are needed? A Computer Drive Coordinator provides organizers with customized flyers to promote the Drive, a Volunteer Sign-in Sheet, and Computer Donation Forms. The host organization supplies tables, chairs, signage, and an adequate number of volunteers (at least one or two at all times).

Site Preparation
Be sure to arrive at your site at least one hour before the collection start time to post signs, set up the table, and organize volunteers. Late volunteer arrival combined with an early influx of donations can disrupt your efforts; expend time and energy, and fray relationships with volunteers and donors. It also is important to schedule enough volunteers to ensure that Computer Donation Forms are completed properly. Otherwise, your donors will not receive a written letter for tax deduction purposes.

Event Publicity
The number of computers that you collect will depend in large part on your publicity efforts. Your organization's Computer Exchange Drive Coordinator should strategize with fellow volunteers to determine an optimum publicity approach. A Computer Exchange volunteer will be available to help you create a press release to aid in promoting your drive. Depending on your situation, you may want to contact distribute customized flyers, and contact prospective donors via email.

Transporting the Equipment to the Computer Exchange
The Boys & Girls Club will work with your Drive Coordinator on a transportation plan. If your organization or volunteer group has access to a truck, you can deliver the equipment to our store. Alternately, the Computer Exchange will make arrangements to pick up the equipment at the drive location.