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2016 Scrabble Challenge

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The Scrabble Challenge pits teams of three players against other teams for two rounds of play in a fun and social environment. Teammates collaborate to form words and each team play from one tile rack.

All adult Scrabble players - recreational and competitive - are welcome. Teams will be matched with other teams according to level of play. Trophies will be awarded in two separative categories - Competitive and Recreational.

Non-playing guests can observe the game and cheer on their favorite teams.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2106 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Jasna Polana | 4519 Province Line Road | Princeton, NJ 08540

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Special Feature: Wine Pull!

Take part in this "spirited" gamble. Select a mystery bottle at the Wine Pull table - Your bottle is guaranteed to be worth $25 - $100. Tickets are available during the event for $25. You can't lose!

Click here to learn how you can donate wine to the wine pull!

Scrabble Challenge Schedule:

5:30 pm - Reception

6:00 pm - Dinner (pasta buffet)

7:15 pm - Game 1 Begins

7:45 pm - Desserts

8:15 pm - Game 2 Begins

9:00 pm - Awards Presentation