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Tween/Teen STEM Conference

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Middle & High School STEM Conference

1040 Spruce Street,| Lawrence, NJ 08648
Event Price: $35.00 if registered by 10/31; $40 after 11/1 
Registration Link: Click Here (The registration page will open in a new window so you can refer back to this page when selecting your workshop and career panel choices.)

Join with other area 6th – 11th grade students in this full-day conference devoted to STEM. Teens participate in two workshops in the morning, have access to a STEM resource hour at lunch, and attend a career panel in the afternoon. Workshop presenters are local STEM professionals from local/national corporations and local colleges and universities. Registration fee includes a continental breakfast and boxed lunch. Conference is limited to 200 registrants. Our Spring 2017 STEM conference was a sell-out, so don’t miss out!

Morning Workshops

When registering, attendees will provide their top 4 choices and will be assigned to 2 of them.

Workshop Descriptions
Alternative Energy Cars – Learn about alternative energy and electric vehicles including the Tesla Model S and see one in person. Learn about how they work and what the future holds for the cars we drive. Presenter: Domain Computer Services How the Internet Works – If you've ever used the Internet, it's a good bet that you've used the Domain Name System, or DNS, even without realizing it. DNS is how you send email, search for a website and so much more. This workshop will have hands-on DNS searches and how they relate to how to send/receive email, looking for websites and you can find out what county and or city those servers are located.
IT Essentials – Learn what it takes to become IT essential trained to work on computers, what jobs are available, as well as opportunities to gain internship experiences while still in high school. Student will learn various PC component parts and how to re-assemble a PC. Presenter: Computer Exchange Scribble Bots (Engineering Design) – Students will use simple materials to create a robot that can draw. They will combine their understanding of electricity and their engineering talents to create and test several designs while working in a small team. Presenter: Rutgers 4H Youth Development
Basic Coding – Learn the basics of coding in a hands-on session of various applications. Learn what careers and opportunities coding skills lead to. Presenter: Mercer County Community College Cooking Up Science (Food Science) – Learn how simple food products are used to make some of the materials we use every day. Hands-on activities will explore chemical reactions, physics, and other science principles. We will then cook up something tasty using some of these ingredients. Presenter: Rutgers 4H Youth Development
Engineering in the Plastics Manufacturing Industry – This workshop will focus on aspects of the plastic injection molding industry. Starts with “what is engineering.” This will walk you through the engineering, design and manufacturing processes associated with the industry to present an understanding on how different plastic parts are created. Presenter: Nordson Corporation Make Your Own Lotion – Learn the role of a R&D Scientist/Product Developer. Students will learn how to develop a lotion formula, understand functionality of ingredients through the application of basic chemistry principles and mathematics concepts, and gain insight to the life-cycle of a product once developed. Presenter: Johnson & Johnson
Microbes: Small but Powerful – Work with petri dishes that have nutrients for bacterial growth and learn basic microbiology techniques (media, swabs, sterility). You will press into petri dishes and view plates that contain bacteria and fungi. Microscopes are used to view microbes found in a drop of pond water and in yogurt. Presenter: Mercer County Community College Careers In Healthcare – Through a hands-on activity and power point presentation this workshop will provide information on the various careers in healthcare along with the types of career pathways need to attain them. Presenter: Capital Health System
Oceans, Weather and Climate - What is happening in the ocean and why do we care? What are storm surge, sea-level rise and ocean acidification? Explore the links between oceans and our lives by carrying out experiments with an "ocean in a tank". We will also watch scientists as they explore the ocean around the world and see how computers can be used to tell us about the future of the ocean. Presenter: Cooperative Institute for Climate Science at Princeton University Mad Machines – This workshop explores engineering through working with levers and pulleys. Students will design and problem solve in making a machine. (6th & 7th graders only) Presenter: Mad Science

Career Panels
Panelists will discuss their company, personal career pathway and career opportunities within their specific STEM industry. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists. Attendees will provide their top 2 choices and will be assigned to 1 of them.

Afternoon Career Panels
1. STEM Career – Panelists Include
    a. Nordson
    b. Capital Health
    c. CA Technologies
    d. BMS
3. Tech Careers – Panelists Include
    a. AugusteTech
    b. Domain Computer Services
    c. CA Technologies
    d. Comcast
2. Women In STEM – Panelists Include
    a. CA Technologies
    b. BMS
    c. Novo Nordisk
    d. Comcast
4. STEM Career Pathways – Panelists Include
    a. Mercer County Community College
    b. Domain Computer Services
    c. Comcast
    d. Princeton University

Conference Fee: $35 if registered before 10/31/17; $40 after 11/1/17. 
Scholarships are available. If you are requesting a scholarship, please click here for the registration and scholarship form. You may return it by email to, by mail to Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County, 1040 Spruce Street, Lawrenceville, NJ, 08648 or in person.