Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County, NJ

Working with Kids

Our extended day learning programs serve children in grades K to 8 during the after-school hours between 3 and 6:30 p.m. Volunteers can help with a number of related activities/opportunities we provide.  Click Here.

Career Club Guest Speaker

Speak about your professional experiences and share career insights with youth in grades 6-12.

College & Career Fair Presenter


Participate in a career fair to share your professional experiences and insights with children in grades 6-12. Fairs are scheduled in the autumn and spring and are held at our Clubhouse on Centre Street and nine elementary schools throughout the city. We schedule the fairs on weekdays during after-school and early-evening hours.

Workplace TourBloomberg Visit

Host a tour of your workplace for teens. Provide a tour of your facility and talk to kids about what employees do in their jobs and how their career paths led them to their current work.


Provide learning and job training opportunities related to your business/industry to our teens.

Youth of the Year Mentor

2 Teens At Computers

Mentor a high school student for our annual Youth of the Year Program. This Boys & Girls Clubs of America program focuses on developing strong writing and public speaking skills and matches a student with a community mentor who works in a field of interest to the student. A Club staff member is involved in the mentorship relationship to provide ongoing guidance and feedback. Students who complete all program requirements are invited to compete for college scholarships at the Trenton Club’s annual Youth of the Year Dinner. Winners of the local competition go on to compete statewide and regionally. Mentors must be available 3 to 4 times per month from January to March for electronic communication and/or in-person meetings at the Clubhouse. A mandatory training session is provided in December or early January. (Criminal background checks and personal references are required for all volunteers.)